Parent-Student Kit

From student schedules to grant and scholarship information, the parent-student kit is a great resource for yearly information.

What are Grants & Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are sometimes referred to as “gift aid” because they do not have to be repaid. Usually grants are awarded by need, and scholarships are awarded by both need and merit.

Grants & Scholarships Available to You

Learn about the different types of grants and scholarships available to you for being a part of the REAP program.

What are Loans

Student loans are subsidized by the government, so no interest accrues until the student begins repayment after he or she graduates.

Eligible Courses

REAP offers a recommended competitive schedule for students that parallels the standards of the University of California system.

A-G Requirements

The academic rigor of the courses your student takes is an important factor in the college admission process.

Set High Academic Goals

Setting academic goals is more than shooting for a high GPA. As a REAP student, you also need to be focusing on your financial goals, your class schedule goals, and looking into career paths.